Provide holistic climate-safe energy solutions.

Employ revolutionary and emerging technologies with high commercial valued returns.

Implement solutions which are safe, agile, robust

Environmental-friendly to our clients.

Our Story

We are one of Asia’s leading investors in R&D for energy solutions

“ENERGY SOLUTIONS RESEARCH PTE LTD” is a Singapore based company and legally registered under The Singapore Companies Act (Cap. 50) in year 2010. The company founder is a former researcher at A*Star Singapore;  the catalyst of significant science and technology research initiative among the research community in Singapore and beyond.

Since the day of establishment, the company is actively collaborating with both local institutions and foreign companies in many emerging technological projects. Thenceforth, with fruitful achievements, we are able provide the holistic solutions in the arenas of Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, Hydrogen Technology, Fuel Saving technology, Waste Treatments, Submersible Pump Applications, Industrial Automation & Robotics Applications and Carbon Removing Applications.

Singapore is our centre of business, consultation, and key technologies development. We are currently actively expanding our influence in the South Asia region. Our Dhaka, Bangladesh office is the base for our business & technical service expansion in the market of South Asia.

Our Solutions

Clean & Green Energy Solutions

Our professional & Knowhow, such as:
• Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
• Solar-Hydrogen System
• Solar Energy
• Wind Energy

AquaGas Generating System

Our professional & knowhow, such as:
• Fuel Saving Application
• Carbon Deposit Removing Application
• Metal Cutting Application
• Welding, Brazing Applications

Hydrogen Solutions

Our professional & knowhow, such as:
• Hydrogen Storages
• Hydrogen Safety
• Hydrogen Generation / Production

Automation & Robotic Solutions

Our professional & knowhow, such as:
• Industrial Automation
• Dedicate Automation Systems
• Industrial Robotics
• Fire Fighting Mobile Robots

Waste Treatment Solutions

Our professional & knowhow, such as:
• MSW to Energy
• Garment Waste to Energy
• Garment Waste Recycle Solution
• Water Treatment

Submersible Pump Applications

Our business partner, Tsurumi Pumps (Japan)
• Construction and mining Application
• Industry and Energy Application
• Agriculture and Irrigation Application

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